May 26, 2010

List time!

Positives of not selling our house:

1. Not having to move out. Clearing out our 4 bedroom house in a weeks time would have been torture and virtually impossible.

2. Looking for a place to live. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a cute place to live in a semi-decent neighborhood where the rent is cheaper than our mortgage and they allow pets? Plus within reasonable commuting distance? Those places are rarer than Bigfoot sightings.

3. Not having to move into our in-laws basement while we tried to find a new place to live. I love my in laws, they are great people and very generously offered us temporary housing for as long as we needed. And I would have gained about 10 lbs because my mother in law is the most amazing cook ever. Ever.

4. Getting to keep my garden! I was pretty upset at the thought of leaving my garden behind. I've been working on it for three years and it seems like this is the year that everything is really coming back strong and filling in.

5. My rose Barney. I have this strange attachment to a $6 rose that I bought on clearance at Lowe's years ago. He is sickly and always has some sort of problem. But I love the bastard.

6. Our private driveway. I can't handle searching for parking at night when all I want to do is get home. Plus, my husband is a freak about door dings.

7. Now, we get to really live in our house. Make it work for us. I'm excited because we've never really done that. It was renovations to make it livable to renovating to sell and then onto on the market time. Finally after all our hard work we can relax and just live in it for a while.


  1. nice list! and so true, esp. about trying to find a place to rent that allows pets.

    glad to see that there are some positives :-)

  2. Definitely the right attitude. And look at #7 like an ongoing adventure. (It's kept me sane, sort of, the past few years.) :-)