May 20, 2010

Shoulda been settlement day...

Kinda bumming today.

This morning Pete and I should have been at the title agency signing away our house to the lovely couple who wanted to buy it. We were going to celebrate with champagne afterwards (or maybe that was just my plan, but I had the mini bottles purchased in my mind) and then were going to go out to a nice dinner where I was going to stuff my face full of yummy food. Then, we were going to fall asleep into blissful dreamland in his parents basement while starting our "where do we live now" hunt the next day.

Instead I'm at work in center city, drinking the crappy free coffee we have here instead of a delicious Starbucks brew because I'm now in operation save money mode, to counteract the financial downer that is not selling the house.

Our house is a mess because we did move out a few key pieces of furniture before everything fell through and we're unsure of the situation that is going on with attempting to fight the appraiser. Plus, our Air/Heat unit blew up this weekend at the beach house and we just got the repair estimate for a new replacement. Basically the new a/c unit is the very expensive cherry topper on this not good, very cranky week.

I'll pick myself up and become positive again soon. It is against my very nature to remain so negative for long. Maybe I should make a list of the positives of not selling the house... that might force me to see the sunny side of everything...

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