May 4, 2010

Lesson Learned- Fridge Disposal

Remember way back when I talked about the getting rid of the nasty fridge the Wee house came with? The fridge eventually found its ways (in a few pieces) to the local dump where it was disposed of in the proper manner.

A few weeks ago while researching geo-thermal tax breaks I came across this program that New Jersey offers. Information that would have been useful for us to know about it way back then. Instead of paying for the disposal we could have pocketed $50 and gotten the fridge hauled away for free! (This is a moment where my head meets my desk.)

Lesson learned. From now on I'll be sure to spend a few minutes researching if there are any better recycling, disposal or tax credit programs available that we could qualify for.

Just wanted to pass this info on for any other NJ renovators who might be looking at major appliance disposal! Or to give you a heads up to look for any programs your state might offer!

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  1. Actually, this is very helpful for me! Our fridge is leaking goo water as we speak.