May 25, 2010

Done like dinner

Officially our house sale is done. We signed the papers releasing the sale contract on Sunday night.

DOA. Like a fish out of water. Folded up like a cheap suit.

Mentally it is a bit of a relief to at least have a final answer, hanging in limbo land is never very fun. Both of us feel like we've gotten a little off track lately from the uncertainty of the sale, finishing up of the beach condo renovations at the 11th hour and me having jury duty last week.

The current plan is this: house goes back on the market for the remainder of our contract with the realtors, which is one more month. I'm calling this our Hail Mary effort, as I doubt greatly we'll get an offer or even so much as a few showings. Once the contract is up, Pete and I are pulling the Wtown house off the market and are just going to continue on with our lives and living here. There will be some changes to the house, including some new furniture, paint colors and closet organization. All things that will help us to really enjoy living here even more.

We'll still be fixing up the Wee house at the same time, maybe a little slower than we'd originally hoped, but the renovations will press on. The Wee house is where we ultimately want to live. It is the house I can see us bringing home babies to and raising our family in. And eventually we'll get there. In the mean time, you better believe I'm still committed to the ride that we're on.


  1. Sometimes an alternate plan is the best one. I always get annoyed when people start criticizing other people's renos due to "resale value." Hey, you own it now, make it work for YOU. Good luck!

  2. Thanks NV!! Yeah, that is our current line of thinking right now! Might as well make it work better for us and enjoy it for all its worth!

  3. You have a great attitude about the whole process! Good luck with everything, and I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I look forward to seeing the renovations!