August 2, 2010

2x4's Not For Sleeping

Pete and I have dived in head first for the DIY stage of building our garage and I might even dare say it is going really well!

After two weekends of work I'm pretty happy to report that we have all four walls up! Done by yours truly, Pete and our air nailer. Who happens to be my new BFF.

I totally got caught napping on a pile of 2x4x10's this weekend by a neighbor yesterday. Just a little cat nap after eating lunch. Did I ever mention that I can pretty much sleep anywhere? For instance, I once snoozed in the dentist chair while getting my teeth cleaned. and you should have seen me folded up into a tiny airport waiting room chair during a layover on our honeymoon.

Oh! and we were gifted a new crowbar! I call him Commodore Smashy.

Hope everyone is enjoying their monday. :)

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