August 10, 2010

Up goes the first wall!

After our push to get the sill plate laid in the 100 degree heat we were seriously relieved that the next weekends' weather was going to be in the normal upper 80's. Still hot and sweaty, but oh so much unbelievably better to work in. During the week the inspector came out and passed our sill plate!

Passing the sill plate inspection meant we now could move onto the framing. Turns out, I love framing! We worked really hard and at the end of the weekend the entire garage was framed. It was really as close to instant satisfaction I think I'll ever get on this job site.

Bright and early Saturday morning this is what the job site looked like. Notice the one framed wall on the garage floor, we couldn't put that one up without first getting the passing approval from the inspector.

First corner goes up.... and I start to get the hang of how to hold the wall steady as Pete nails it down. Pretty proud to say that clutzy mc drops a lot didn't let one wall fall at all!

After the wall is up and squared off, Pete nails in the window headers. In this picture you can see my new BFF, our air framing nailer. If you are going to undertake a long term project where an extensive amount of DIY framing will be required, buy the right air nailer for the job. You'll thank yourself for making the investment.

First full wall up!


  1. Whoo hoo. How exciting!

  2. i love that you love framing! i also think it is fun and no one ever believes me...

  3. Katie, No one believes me either! But it is super fun. Might be one of my favorite job site to-do's :)