August 16, 2010

Four walls up!

In a matter of one hard working day Pete and I rocked out the remaining framing! By the time we left that evening all four walls were standing and had been properly supported by some temporary braces. Temporary braces add needed support to the frame until the rest of the structure can be build up. They also give the homeowners peace of mind during pop up summer thunder storms that tons of money and hours worth of work aren't going to get blown over by a stiff breeze.

See that long piece of lumber? That my friends would be our very first FAIL of this garage project. Pete and I thought it would be a *great* idea to engineer a whole bunch of the really bad/leftover wood into one plank that would span the width of the garage. Our s-m-r-t plan was that it would be great extra support.

So I go about laying out all this lumber and we get to air nailing it together. Hoist it up and over onto the top plate and... major failure. The wood bounces like a rubber pencil. No way will it help to support the garage, if anything I'd bet that it would help to pull the walls in. We had a good laugh at our own expense and ditched the lumber.

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  1. I'm sure this is such a relief. Congrats!