August 18, 2010

Rental Washer Broke...

Yesterday we got the news from our rental agency that the washer in our condo unit bought the farm. The motor just up and died according to the maintenance guy who was sent out there, and we both believe him as the washer is likely older than I am. The washer and dryer came with the unit and we knew it wouldn't be long before replacements were in order. We're just thankful that it was the motor that busted, not a major leak causing water hose.

The laundry closet when we bought the place. There is a real door on there now, no more seashell shower curtain.
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Because the washer died while there are tenants in the condo, we have to get a working machine in there asap. We also need make sure there is a washer for the three remaining summer rentals we do have booked. An hour after the original news our property management company calls us back with the estimate for getting a new washer.


I might have laughed. Or choked. I can't remember.

I told her that I do not authorize that amount to be spent. She sounded peeved, but hell I don't care. I'm not spending twelve hundred dollars on a basic washing machine for my rental unit. Especially when I don't have a fancy new machine at home! I, the self proclaimed laundry queen, have an older model that came free with the house.

Last year Pete and I priced out models at the Sears Outlet and they ran about $700 for a basic stacked laundry set. Those same models often popped up on craigslist for $300. Because of that shopping we mentally budgeted somewhere around $500 and it was on our to do list for this off season. With the new bathroom, bedroom floor and A/C unit last year, we were just tapped out by the time this rental season started.

It is the timing of all this that just sucks, two more weeks and we'd have the time to take care of all this without it being a rush. Now a project that could have been easy is now super urgent, when we're in the middle of another huge project that is demanding all our time and money.

Now we have to scramble. Find a new machine that works for this unique space, find the time to go down there and the help to get the machine up to the unit. Hope it is as simple as possible to swap the units and hook up the new one. Pete's nervous about getting the dryer off the wall. If you look closely, it's not a stacked unit we have now. Someone just mounted a dryer to the wall above the washer...

Overall though, we're not that worked up over this. We'll find a way that works for every one and doesn't cost us twelve hundred dollars. There is just no point to getting all bent outta shape sometimes. While it is annoying to deal with, things like this happen all the time when you have a rental property so you have to be prepared to deal with them as they come up. Last year we got two huge plumbers bills and had two a/c unit calls. Since both those problems are fixed now it was bound to be something else. In the large picture of everything it is still so worth it to us to have this place and rent it out in the summer, so that is what matters the most.


  1. I got an email from Sears today saying their appliances are 10-20% off, with an additional 5% off the Kenmore brand with a Sears card. If Lowe's carries the model you want, they'll match Sears's sale price plus an additional 10%. So it might not be such a bad time to update, after all!

  2. I hate when things like this happen. It's all so unexpected and you can never honestly prepare. Good luck!

  3. Argh! What a pain!

    That is quite a dryer set up, though. I'm impressed!!!

  4. Yuck! It was working fine when we there in July :)

    I can't be there next weekend without a dryer ;)

  5. Thanks for the rec Sarah! We're still trying to figure everything out by the time Pete goes down on Friday.

    I just hate when a repair bill has a comma in it.

  6. Give Audubon Used Appliances a call. They might have what you need and is located on the WH Pike (rt 30)