August 12, 2010

Garage walls going up!

See Eva... Raise a wall.
I was bound and determined to raise a wall myself. The whole time I was doing so Pete kept making "tickets to the gun show" cracks about my lady biceps. Like I've said before, I'm suprisingly scrappy for my slight-ish stature but I'm not exactly ripped in the muscle department.

And I didn't purposely try to match my Phillies hat to my work shirt. It just worked out that way. The hat was free at a game, and it rocks for working outside because of the mesh backing which lets the noggin breath a little.


  1. Great work!! We just put up a garage (by we, I mean my husband), but yours is at least three times the size! Can't wait to see the progress!

  2. Did you ever build anything as a kid? I'm trying, but I can't remember anything.
    In any event, you are AWESOME.

  3. Look at you. All muscle. :)