August 23, 2010

Rain Delay

The day after the trusses went up dawned grey and misty, and Pete had to head out to work for a morning assignment. By the time Pete returned the mist had turned to steady rain with no sign on the radar of stopping. Undeterred ( or stupid) we geared up to finish a few things on the garage. Having slight hope of catching enough of a clear section of the day in order to get them done.
Silly silly us.
We arrive at the Wee house and it is pouring rain.
See all the piles of wood to the left of the garage sitting on the ground? We moved them "inside" the open garage in hopes of preventing major warping. Once that is done it is still pouring rain. Pete needed to get up to the roof in order to add the purlins, which would be our next step. There is no way it is safe to do that though with all the rain coming down. He was contemplating what to do next when I snapped this pic from under the cover of my pink hard hat.
Here you see me, with my naturally optimistic nature and love of rain keeping a smile on my face. Yeah it was pretty rainy out, but whatever. I try to make the best of every situation.
Half an hour of pushing our giant rented machine around in the sandy mud in order to get it hooked up and I'm twice the drowned rat I was before. The smile is gone, I'm freezing and day dreams of dry shirts are dancing in my head. Behold- the worst picture of myself I've ever put on the internet. The heated seats of our SUV were amazing on the way home.


  1. I'm thinkin' that garage is bigger than my house!


  2. I think it is Mom. Hence my harry potter pantry under the stairs sized room growing up. Don't worry though, it helped me build character :)