August 19, 2010

Almost Truss Time!

You've all seen the finished framing that Pete and I did together, now what you don't know is that it took an additional weekend worth of work to get that frame ready for our pre-made floor and roof trusses. However, I fled the work site and left Pete standing there to shoulder all the final details by himself. The call of the beach was just too great and I jumped in my car to meet my sister and family down the shore for the weekend. It was glorious! (To justify my absence I did clean the entire house before leaving...)

Pete finished all the little framing details and mid week met up with my Dad to get the delivery of the trusses. We thought long and hard about getting pre-made trusses or going the DIY route would be better. After getting quotes from various truss companies Pete worked out what the material cost would be to him for DIY. I'll have to get the exact numbers from him, but the cost difference was not so great that it just made sense to save a lot of headaches and time and to go with pre-made. Especially given the GIANT boards that we would have needed to span the width of the garage, I have no idea how we'd get 24ft boards to our house.

Early Saturday morning we got to the house and these 22 trusses were just waiting to get put up on the garage. These are a little different than standard x trusses because we wanted utilize the second story of the garage as usable space, so all that open space you see between the floor and roof will someday be finished off into a room!

Coming up next: The long Saturday. Putting up the trusses was the hardest house project we've tackled yet.


  1. Premade trusses are so much easier, and they do all the necessary engineering calcs, too.

  2. Gene, that is exactly what we thought- sometimes you shell out a little bit more money to make life a LOT easier. Worth every stinking penny to go premade!