November 12, 2009

Blog Award

Jeannine over at Small and Chic gave me this Kreativ Blogger award, and it totally helped turn around my day! Thanks Jeannine! Everyone go check out Jeannine's blog because she has a killer little condo in Charlottesville, a great eye for design and an adorable dog! I'm a sucker for a cute pup.

In order to claim my blog award, I have to give 7 facts about myself and then pass on the award to 7 more bloggers.

1. I have a Type B personality.

2. I'm also a Gemini. Which, if you believe in Astrology, explains a lot about me.

3. One of the nicest things that Pete recently said about me was that he'll never be bored by me.

4. I like to think that I'm not predictable.

5. I love the state of New Jersey.

6. I don't know if I could ever live someplace where I couldn't get to the beach within a few hours of driving.

7. I'm really afraid of the dark. This spring we drove through the California/Nevada desert, the route between LA and Las Vegas. Pete pulled off the highway around midnight so we could look at the stars in a rare place with little light pollution. I wouldn't get out of the car because I was so scared! I think there was something said along the lines of renegade desert sand pirates mentioned as the reason. I looked out through the window (and locked door) at the stars.

Now to my seven bloggers...

Look to the right and see my new list of House and Home Bloggers? If you're on the list, consider the award awarded to you! Feel free to write up your own 7 things list, because I like learning more about all the people who give me interesting and inspiring things to read during my work day.

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  1. Wait...there are people who don't like New Jersey? But, but, we have it all...and there's no tax on clothing! ;)