November 17, 2009

Show Time! or not...

The sound you are hearing is my head meeting my desk.

Why? Oh because yesterday we got our first call for a showing in over a month. And we had to say no go to a request for a 3pm house tour. Reasons why not you ask?

Anyone inquiring about our house is notified that we require 24 hours notice for a showing. There are good reasons for that notice too. Both of us work full time about 45 miles away, so there is no swinging by on the lunch hour to make sure everything is show ready. Yeah, who is shocked that I don't live in a show ready 100% of the time house? Don't all raise your hands at once now...

Then there is the second issue of the pets. We have a cat and dog and they leave the house with us during showings. Especially the puppy, she can not be in the house with strange people and wouldn't do well crated in that situation. I don't know if you've ever toured a house with a dog, but its not a pleasant experience no matter how adorable the puppy is (or isn't). People want to see our house, they don't want to have to worry about a Bichon running all about and barking at them from the top of the stairs. And then there is the cat box issue. No one wants to smell a cat box. Even one that is clean and scooped, cause they just smell. So we clean ours and then hide it in a trunk for showings. Now you know our dirty selling secret.

Of course I don't mind someone trying to see if we can accommodate a less than 24 hours request on the house. Never know unless you ask! In fact we've OK'ed short notice buyers showings multiple times in the past whenever it has been possible. Even to the point of massively inconveniencing ourselves in order to get the house ready and pets out on time. That is just something you have to do when you're selling a house in this lame market. But some requests are just not workable.

It bums me out that we might miss this potential buyer, but then again I'm so bitter and jaded about selling that I don't care too much. Maybe they'll be interested again in a week when we drop the price and make an appointment again. Maybe not. I'm not convinced that our buyer is even out there. It feels like we are going to own this house forever.

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