November 9, 2009

Demolishing the Bathroom!

Starting with our first cleared out, semi torn out future dining room at the beginning of our work day. I love seeing the walls mostly bare and the floor broom clean. It gives me inspiration to keep going until the living room area gets to this point.

With renovations it is impossibly hard to keep an area clear and clean, until one is completely done working on it. And since we're light years away from being DONE on this room (and house) it was only moments until the room got all reno junked up again. Because it was now time to clear/ tear out the downstairs bathroom, which borders the dining room.

The separating wall between the bathroom and dining area. It was plaster, but a newer style that involved a heavy duty wire mesh screen placed behind the lath. The plaster seeps through the lath and glops into the wire openings, creating a death grip on the wire. In simple terms- this stuff is a bitch. Even the biggest plaster pia is no match for my husband. A little bit of saws all action and the wire mesh came down, sprinkling little bits of the honeycombed plaster everywhere.

The person who did the bathroom addition used a lot of paneling to create the interior walls, but had back the room with heavy duty plywood. I let Pete handle the task of ripping all the walls out while I manned the camera/worked on the living room. Like all the hanging wires? We found a GEM of DIY electrical job in this bathroom. Makes us really glad that we're keeping the electric mostly off and that eventually the house will be completely rewired.

Open floor plan! You can see into the living room now, but it won't be like that forever because the wall studs between the rooms are load bearing and we're not messing with that. We also don't think a completely open floor plan fits with a Victorian era house. For now it is fun to wave at each other while we work though.

No pictures of the cast iron tub being sledgehammered. It was in very poor condition, no shape for donating, so Pete got to work with the sledge hammer. I stood out of the way, cast iron sends out massive shrapnel. As you can imagine, the room was no longer clean at the end of the day.


  1. I love the roll of TP hanging on the wall that's left!

  2. hahahaha! I didn't even notice that in the picture until you pointed it out Michelle!