November 19, 2009

Daytrip to DC.

I have a case of writers block/hating what I wrote. I'm also tired of complaining about our house being on the market. So I decided that I'm going to deviate from the house talk a little and write about something that inspired me earlier in the year.

This past February we decided to celebrate our 7th Valentines day together by taking a little road trip south to spend the day in Washington DC. And it was the best day ever.

Started out with the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, which was mobbed. But that didn't matter since we weren't in a rush. To escape the crowds a bit we visited some of the less popular exhibits such as the soil one (which is really cool!). We also hung out in the hallways just looking at the architecture of the building.

After a few hours of being jostled by children we left and decided to walk to the Library of Congress. Despite going on vacation to DC for my entire childhood I had never been there!

Consulting the map on the Mall to figure out the best walking route to the Library of Congress. Which is not as close as it seems on the map. Well worth the walk if you have the time and the weather is nice.

What an amazing building. It was relatively empty so we were really about to take in the grandeur and magnitude of the area as we walked around it.

Then we entered the Library of Congress. And I pretty much died of happiness right away. I can't even describe to you how amazing the building is. There is something to see and marvel at in every single square inch of the space. You could stare at the stairs alone all day long and still notice something new every minute.

The whole building just felt amazing to me. I snuck a peek inside the actual library and vowed that I would get in there some day. They keep the library off limits to the general public, so you have to get special permission to access it or be part of a special tour. Everyday tours can see the library from above, but I want to be in the middle of it.

The Library closed at 5, so headed back over to the Smithsonian just in time to see all people pour out and the tour buses pull away. There were special extended hours on the Natural History Museum until 7, so we went back in and enjoyed the practically empty museum. All the really popular exhibits were so empty! It was fabulous. Except I lost my hat. Which was not so fabulous.

Jumped on the metro and headed over to our waiting romantic dinner local.

It was a wonderful dinner to end such a great day.

Sometimes you just need a break from everyday life. Even a day getaway can be enough to recharge your batteries and fill up on inspiration.


  1. This is GORGEOUS. I'm there next trip to DC


  2. I love DC, even though I only remember going once. Your trip looks like you guys had great fun--aren't those unexpected days the best? The architecture is amazing--I'm hoping to get back in the fall, when it's a bit warmer.

  3. There are some really amazing photos here!