November 16, 2009

Dust Bunnies (Are Evil)

Yesterday I deep cleaned our bedroom.

I am shocked at how much dust two people are able to create. Seriously. I had to vacuum my dust mop, that is how bad it was. As much as I like to think my cleaning skills have improved over the years (and oh how they have!) the dust amount under my bed is proof I still have a long way to go. The bedroom is by far our most used and lived in room, so don't think that the rest of the house is as dust coated. (um, but it might be)

Someday I'll get the whole keeping on top of the housework thing down pat. I'm convinced that will come along at the same time I stop spilling my coffee down myself in the mornings. The two go hand in hand.


  1. Ha ! I had a dead mouse at my closet door ... Beat that!

  2. roomba! Totally reduces the cleaning stress. I just got the cheapo model at target and with five cats it's such a stress relief for me. I can run it every two days or so on two floors )one rug, one hardwood) and have a pretty clean house. I just need to vacuum around the edges and the weird shaped spots. :) You might like it.

  3. I really think a roomba is going to be in our future!!