November 3, 2009

History in the back of the closet.

Remembering back to this summer when we discovered that the past owners ripped off the original floor moldings, all so they could install the faux wood paneling flat against the wall. You could see the outline of the trim on the bare plaster. It was shortly after taking down the paneling when we realized that it was the original molding hacked up and nailed to the ceiling being used as the anchors for the disgusting drop ceiling. Of which, the track for the drop ceiling fell on my head when I was taking it down. Talk about adding injury to the insult.

I'm still not over this discovery. I hold grudges.

Hidden at the back of the foyer closet was this little bit of the houses history. The only remaining section of the downstairs that shows how the living room used to look. See the floor molding?! And that fantastic wallpaper! A little bit inside of me cried when I saw this.

This is like dangling awesome potential right in front of my face before quickly pulling it away and replacing it with wood paneled crap! I'm trying to peel off a little bit of the wallpaper to put in our scrapbook for the house. Its just too awesome to not try and save a piece.

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