January 30, 2010

more bathroom work

Another weekend working on the beach condo bathroom renovation! We're down here with both the animals, snuggled up nice and warm as a snow storm rages on outside. Weather.com is saying the real feel temp here is 5 degrees! Which is why we're currently making all the trim cuts inside on the kitchen floor.

This time around we've been (thankfully) setback free while getting the work done. No late night discoveries of mismatched tiles or water valve snap offs- yet! We still have one more days worth of work ahead of us, so who knows what surprised will pop up.

Pete is busy installing the wainscoting and it is looking really good! After taking a closer look to the condition of the lower drywall in the bathroom I'm really glad we decided to take the extra steps to do the wainscoting. It will add a lot of interest to the blank little room and help to protect our slightly beat up walls. Unfortunately the walls in the bathroom aren't exactly square or straight, so that means a lot of creative engineering of the cuts by Pete. Good thing he's used to our really wacky walls at home, coming up with a solution that makes the final product on the wall look good is something he has a lot of experience with.

I'm off to paint and get back to scraping the fish decals off the shower.

Ps- we were supposed to have a showing at home this morning. I'm not holding my breath for an offer.

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