June 16, 2010

Eva Rug(s)

Not about a toupee.

I get irrationally excited when something has the same name as Moi. So I present to you the following rugs that are named Eva.

Ballard Designs

Pottery Barn

I'm not sure which one I actually like better! The fun Ballard rug pops with its unexpected orange, but I love the classic style of the Pottery Barn rug. Not buying either, but it was fun to see what is out there that has my name attached to it.

And then I found this thing via a quick google search. Not a fan.

Shown in Multi


  1. I love searching for things named after me, especially on etsy!

  2. I remember all of the "Eva" graffiti in the basement. Actually I don't have to remember it because it is still there!!!!


  3. Sorry about my spray paint phase mom... Although it did take you YEARS to discover it :)

  4. I like those yellow rugs! They are chic and fashionable! I'm actually thinking of buying a new one next week. What do you think will fit best for my small living room? But if it won't meet my budget, then definitely I'll go to Chicago carpet cleaning store again and have my old rugs cleaned again and regain its beauty.

  5. Awesome! Both are really looks great. Personally i prefer the Ballard Designs, they look very fashionable and attractive. I also like the design of pottery Barn very much. I am looking forward to reading more from you. Keep up the blog.