June 25, 2010

Garage - Blocks Laid and Slab Poured

One week. That's how long this took for our Contractor Tony and his crew to turn it from a nasty little crappy slab of concrete to a legit foundation for a four car garage. I better not get used to the speed of how this got done, because it is going to take us much longer to get the rest of this man cave extraordinaire garage done. We're going to be recruiting a lot labor this summer to help the project roll along to the finish line, but it still won't compare to hiring a pro!

The foundation is done and the block has been laid down! We decided to go with two doors instead of one large one. No real reason for opting for that choice, just personal preference. All the ground has been filled in and graded to be flat.

That dirt area off to the side is our eventual car port. We decided to not concrete that area, opting to save money by keeping it as dirt now and only put in the foundation for the support posts on the side. Eventually we'll put down something there, whatever driveway material we end up using!

My super awesome favorite car in the entire world is staring wistfully at the garage. Unfortunately with 205k miles on a 10 year old car that has its original clutch I'm (sadly) pretty doubtful that the Solara will ever get parked inside the garage. I love my car. and my car is going downhill fast. There will be many tears shed when my car ends up going to that big parking lot in the sky.

And the slab has been poured!! Unfortunately we were at work when it got poured, so no fun hand prints or "P&E 2010" got placed in the wet concrete. Slight bummer, cause I wanted to do that. My Dad is coming down tomorrow to give it a professional eyeball once over before we sign over the final payment. Fingers crossed it passes his uber critical eye.


  1. One week? That's awesome. You guys did that super fast. Keep up the good work!

  2. @ Kat. One week with a team of contractors! We did nada but write the check. It was kinda a glorious break after all our hard DIY work.

  3. Awesome, plenty of room to park some of my cars ;)