June 22, 2010

Inspiration House

I have a problem.

I am- without a doubt-completely obsessed with houses.

Especially housed that look like the one we're currently trying to fix up. Which might be why when I saw this beauty down in Lewes, DE while walking around eating ice cream, I just had to stand in the road and take a picture for my inspiration file. Just like a creepy stalker or would be burglar. {Both of which I am not}

A note to the owners, I love your house.
I love the sweet front porch that has touches of the original Victorian era charm, which balances out the square lines of the windows and shutters. The metal roof is perfect for down the shore, it must be a loud yet relaxing sound when it rains. I would curl up with a cup of coffee in a squishy chair and enjoy all the summer storms just listening away. I adore the wee little attic window and its wee little shutters at the very top of the house. The colors! Perfectly played contemporary colors that scream traditional beach house, a darker bold gray pairs perfectly with the black and white trim and a pop of red as the door.

Sigh. Someday maybe someone will take pictures of our house from the street to use as inspiration for themselves.


  1. The attic window with that half shutter does it for me.


  2. That's a beautiful home --definitely obsession worthy. :-)

  3. I do this too. I actually bookmarked several pictures of houses that I'm in love with. You're not alone. :D