June 28, 2010

Foundation and Rental!

Old foundation V. New Foundation

There is a clear winner here and it isn't the photo on top...

This weekend we spent a considerable amount of time working on the college rental. (I'm actually a little out of it today from being so exuasted and from the 105 temps around here) I spent a good part of my day steam cleaning smoke residue off of walls and a windowsill... The old tenants have all graduated college and moved out and our new ones move in ten days from now. Before they can move in though, we have to pass a notoriously tough rental inspection by the town on Tuesday. Last time we were failed for dented siding on the back of the townhouse. Fingers crossed we pass, as it would be nice to just put the hard work behind us and turn our full attention to the Wee house garage for the summer. We're headed back tonight to bust out another couple hours worth of work, to hopefully finish everything up before the inspection.

Thank you iced coffee and cold Red Bull.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the rental inspection! Sending cool thoughts of water ice and slip-n-slides.