June 10, 2010

The Sofa That Wasn't...

It is an often true fact of life that you find something that you love exactly when you aren't looking for it. Or at least I've found that is rings true for my life quite frequently. I could list countless examples of the moments that have caught me off guard and that touched my life quite deeply.

This isn't one of those deep moments.

It's about a couch.

A really awesome couch but still just a couch none the less.

Let me take you back a few weeks. Pete and I have found ourselves out in Lancaster, PA at the Pottery Barn Outlet. We're searching for lots of stuff, but our main goal was to find a dresser. Must. Find. Dresser. Need. One. Now was our mindset. I'll spare you the suspense and jump right to the end here. We didn't get a dresser.

Pottery Barn was having a 20% off the lowest price of any upholstered furniture deal that day, so we checked out the chairs, ottomans, the random upholstered bed frame and then the couches. Which is when I saw it. The couch. Calling my name with its cheeky-yet-sophisticated yellow color. As I walked over there I started to take notice of the details, high rolled arms that were equal with the back of the couch, nail head trim, one long single cushion on the bottom and a stack of pillows on the back of the seat. I'm a sucker for nail head trim on furniture, just call it my decor kryptonite.

So I sat in the couch and it was like sitting on a cloud. A glorious "Harvest Yellow" cloud. Then I laid down on the couch and my inner monologue went something like this:

" Oh my I'm comfy. Yes this will do nicely. I can see myself taking many rainy Sunday afternoon naps on here. And this high arm will provide excellent back support as I read through the Harry Potter series again. Oh, and I can definitely sleep here on those nights when Pete is snoring super loud. I wonder how much it is, because I'll totally eat only oatmeal for a month to make this couch happen."

(not THE couch, but another Harvest Yellow PB sofa)

Which when I opened my eyes, sat up and saw the price tag. My dream couch fell right in that gray range with the extra discounted percent off. The gray range is when you can afford it, but the cost is still a hefty chunk of money. But you know the item is still a "good deal" but again, it isn't like the item is so deeply discounted that could be snagged it with pocket change.

Pete came over and I professed my deep undying love for the couch to him. How it would be perfect and I would sit on it every day. And that is was so much nicer than the broken leather love seat we currently had taking up space in the living room. Sure there might have been some scuff marks on the seat, but one of my housewife specialties is getting stains out of everything.

We came very close to grabbing a sales associate and telling them "We'll take it!", but then Pete pointed out the deal breaker. The size of the couch. With the high arms that come up to the back, there was NO WAY we'd be able to get the couch in the house. We already have a lot of trouble with the couches that we currently have. To fit them through the door frames much tilting and correct angling is very important. Every time we do move them into a new home, we're convinced that they aren't going to fit through the doors.
There is just not a door nor window that we'd be able to get my wonderful couch through to fit into our current house.

Talk about crushing defeat. Foiled once again by the fact that everyone and everything was a lot smaller in the 1800's.

The next day I decided to check on the Pottery Barn website to get all the specs on the couch and to see what it retailed for. I could start saving up for a brand new one to put in the Wee house, when the time came to move in.

Giant disappointment # 2.

The couch was not currently on the PB website. Which I could only infer means they do not make it anymore. So now I feel like my only shot at this couch is the one in the outlet, but I didn't even know its name. Then with the magic of the internet I found the mythical couch through the Sofa Finder tool on the PB website. Where they show a picture of the sofa along with its name! Why Hello Oxford Sofa.
A quick Google search revealed the following description of the Oxford Sofa
Classic shelter-back styling makes this eco-friendly sofa a design standout. Bronzed nail head trim accentuates its handsome silhouette, while scatter back pillows soften the look and can be rearranged for comfort. 86" wide x 40" deep x 36" high

This is the email that I sent to Pete

" So, I’m all sorts of excited. Remember that dreamy sofa I fell in love with at the Pottery Barn outlet? But we didn’t know if it would fit in the doors. And we didn’t have a way to get it home. Then it was missing from the Pottery Barn Website! Which means it was out of production. Sad sad Eva face.

I’m on the Pottery Barn website and see the sofa on the “couch finder” tool. However, it is still missing from the website. A few minutes of Google search later and I found its twin! Hopefully. Check out the Tailor Sofa on Crate and Barrels website!

Here is the link for the readers- it goes to the "Tailor Sofa" by Crate and Barrel. I haven't seen the Tailor in person, so no idea if is as dreamy as the Oxford was. Just the knowledge that I can maybe eventually end up with this sofa is great. Especially with my close-ish proximity to the Crate and Barrel Outlet, I might be able to stalk down a great deal!

Lately I'm turning into a C&B groupie!

See, I told you this isn't a crazy deep moment of discovery.


  1. sigh -- but there is always another couch.
    Love from

  2. it really is an adorable couch