June 11, 2010

Out with the old (Furniture)

After the failed house sale it was our mission to overhaul our house a little bit. We had very clear ideas about what we needed and wanted to do. Certain things needed to get done to help get our organization get whipped into shape and take away some of our frustrations of the house’s short comings. Plus we really wanted to replace some items that had got taken out and moved to the beach house this spring.

Here was what we took out and moved over to the beach house:

Our bed! I hated-loathed-despised our bed. It was a cheap piece of junk that was broken, looked worn and the cat used as a scratching post. I shouldn’t talk too much crap on the bed, because now it is living a second lease on life as the master bed at the beach house. I must admit, it looks quite nice there and can handle the abuse it might get during the rental season. If the bed doesn’t survive a particularly tough rental season, no tears will be shed here.

My long dresser, a large 8 drawer one that had tons of storage and also came as part of that bedroom set mistake. You can see it in the above picture. The top however, had unfortunately come into extended contact with a bit of newspaper. And now newsprint is permanently transferred to the dresser top. Other problems on the dresser include part of the veneer is peeling up, a knob that fell off and the particle board that is sagging on the inside. This piece of furniture has also found a new life at the beach house as well. Much to my surprise it looks pretty nice in the room. I guess anything was better than what we had there before.

Our sectional sofa bed TV room couch, an Ikea one that was purchased for half the retail price off of craigslist two years ago. It was brand new and was used to stage a house. We were thrilled to find it and put it to great use as our tv watching couch. Then sleeper couch at the beach house DIED. The Ikea couch is great for the beach house in that it breaks up into sections. Carrying up parts of a couch up three flights of stairs instead of a whole sofa bed is so much easier!

All those things might seem like small, simple items. But we had no idea how much those changes have impacted our lives in the house! The bed leaving meant that everything that was stored underneath had to find new home. Mostly shoes and wedding memorabilia that got displaced. Then, as a flash back to being a teenager, we had to put the mattress and box spring directly on the floor because the bed frame was part of the overall bed.

What up multi-tasking picture that features the dresser, bed and a few of my under bed storage containers!

I had to move our crappy old and small guest room dresser into the master bedroom as a temporary storage solution. Unfortunately it doesn’t even begin to hold half of what my old dresser did. But it is better than using a floor pile system, which was what I was doing prior to moving the dresser into our room.

The couch was the easiest move and temporary solution. We just took our couch out of the living room and moved it into the TV room. It’s a big comfy leather couch that is perfect for lounging on. However, now the living room looks rather bare with just a lone love seat hanging about in such a large room.

We've been working toward remedying all the missing items for about a month now, and it has been harder than expected. Especially since we are on a budget but want to get items that will work for the long run. I think we've manged to do some pretty smart and wallet friendly fixes to our house hold dilemmas. You'll see them soon enough as we're STILL trying to get the house back together. Thankfully we're almost there. I should have some pictures and updates to share on these new items soon!

{My June blog goal was to make sure all my posts have pictures. You guys have suffered through more than enough ramble-y wordy pictureless posts in the last few months}


  1. For the newsprint on the dresser top, you could try Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) to remove it as many inks are alcohol based. Try it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn't remove the finish.