June 6, 2010

Steamy Sunday

The above is not only a nod to the year I was born, but just happens to be the current temperature of our downstairs. At 10 am. I say downstairs because it must be a good 1,000 degrees hotter upstairs since hot air rises and all that jazz. And the upstairs is precisely where I have to work today, since we're trying to get everything back to organized around here.

No central air, as it didn't come standard with 1850's Colonial farm houses. We never felt like shelling out the boku bucks to get duct work ran and a unit installed. During heat waves and the summer we make do with our two window units, multiple fans and lots of ice water. I'm much more adapt at dealing without A/C than Pete is because I grew up in a house without it, and frankly I largely prefer to not have air conditioning on. It just feels weird to me sometimes.

Am I lounging outside in the shady with a frosty glass of lemonade (margarita) ? No. I'm steam cleaning the office corner that the cat has mistakenly took for her litter box ( multiple times). Steam cleaning. To say that I'm sweating is an understatement. I'm positively GLOWING.

One large cup of ice coffee has already been consumed.


  1. Greetings from the house you grew up in without air conditioning. We had flute quartet rehearsal here this afternoon and we were way beyond "glowing" but we are troopers.
    There is a BIG gray cloud in the sky. Maybe relief is just a breeze away!
    Love M.O.M.

  2. A nice margarita can help you make it through a million hot summer days;)