July 6, 2010

The 3rd door downstairs- Before!

The condo is a small one bedroom a block and a half from the beach. You can see the water from the balcony if it is the middle of winter and you lean over the edge and stare at about an inch of a blue speck between buildings. Instant water view listing status!!

The view from when you walk in from the day Pete closed. It is apparently fairly common for most vacation homes to come fully furnished. We had no idea to what extent this meant for us. Well, our seller lady left us EVERYTHING including the kitchen sink. Quite helpful at first, as we didn't have the extra money to buy anything that it might need.

A closer look at the living room area...

On the side wall are two closets, one we keep stocked with our personal items and gets locked during the rental season. The other holds our ancient washer and dryer.

And looking into the kitchen. Pete liked this place for its two story design. He felt like the stairs helped to give a nice separation of space between to the distinct living spaces. Most one bedroom units on the island have a one floor layout, so this was just something a little different.


  1. Holy moly that's a lot of blue!

  2. It is so wierd to be sitting in this room as I read this. And it looks way different!

    By the way, do you want me to take some bathroom pictures for you?? :)

  3. Everything was blue Lisa! and I love me some blue, just not that much of those shades...

    @Kelli! Hahaha! Hope you guys are enjoying the place :) We have a few of the bathroom just not very good ones... so if you find yourself in the bathroom with a camera feel free to snap a few... :)