July 6, 2010

The 3rd door...

Hey, guess who has two thumbs and owes everyone pictures of the finished bathroom in the beach condo? and tiled bedroom floor? This girl. (Picture me with my weirdo thumbs hitched up and pointing toward my face)

Guess who never got to take good pictures of those two rooms because of time constraints and a camera battery running out of juice?

Yup. Me again.

I decided that in honor of the hottest week of life ever I'd like to try cooling down with a little sea breeze and share some never before seen Before and After pictures on here.

Pictures of the Third Door, which is located on the third floor of 123rd street. I kid you not, actual address.

Let us flash back to 2005 shall we?

It is the weekend after Labor Day. The sun is shining and I'm enjoying a relatively empty beach as I read the latest Harry Potter ( # 6 Half Blood Prince) for the second time as my then boyfriend is at closing for our new beach condo.

When the closing is done I reluctantly put down my book and walk over to the condo. I've never seen the place before as Pete picked it out by himself and he wanted to surprise me with it...

First thought "There is a whole lotta blue in here"
Second thought "I can't even count how many fake plants there are in here"


Stay tuned for pictures...

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