July 14, 2010

under the bed reveal...

Hey everyone!

Yesterday Jeannine over at Small and Chic in Cville (http://smallchic.blogspot.com/) did a fun post about what is currently under a couple of different home blogger beds. Check out her fantastic blog to see all the fun answers, as well as her new adorable squirrel statuette. Read on if you want to gawk at her awesome sense of style and oh-so-chic use of space in a small condo.

Looking at the other pictures and reading the rest of the responses I definitely felt a twinge of jealousy over the fact that Kasey could say there was nothing under her bed! There will never be nothing under my bed cause it seems like there will always be dust underneath it. I so wish that I was as seemingly organized as Jeannine, or had a clean white space to crash down on. Jane's bed looks like a freaking cloud made for the best dreams you've ever had!

My answer is so typical Eva- Long winded and peppered with a few lame (awesome) jokes. I make sure there is a back story and embellishment for everything, always making things more complicated and longer than they need to be. I'm the the one who has a random dyer ball that seems to have traveled upstairs far far away from the actual dryer. The bedroom does not look like a restful cloud full of wonderfulness... sigh.

Care to share what you have living under your bed? Am I the only who used the under bed storage as an answer to lack of closet space? I think its pretty interesting and reveals a bit about the person when they answer this question!


  1. I saw Jeannine's post and really liked it :) There isn't anything under bed right now, but I'm working on finishing up our storage bed so eventually that will be there.

  2. I forgot to add that in addition to music, there is dog hair under there.

    I thought Sharon's answer was the funniest...but I know her personally, so maybe it made me laugh because I could hear her talking about all that chaos under her bed. :)