July 29, 2010

Beach House Bathroom- After!

Tiny bathrooms are tricky bastards.

For starters, they fool you into thinking that it is going to be mucho easy to renovate and face lift the whole thing on a small budget and short time line. After all, the floor is a mere 36 square feet how could it be anything more than the easiest thing you've ever done? HA! I tell you, HA!

Read about the bathroom renovation journey HERE.

The run down of the work was pretty much this for us. Spending 36 hours renovating without water, three day without a toilet and finally got a shower 3 sweaty days later... still Not anywhere close to being done.

However, despite our skanky smelling selves and the fact that I had to run down the street to McDonald's for a couple days when it was all said and done much later than our original timeline... I'm ultra thrilled with how the bathroom looks now.

Buzz words that I'd assign to the bathroom before: Lighthouse.
Buzz words I'd assign to the bathroom now: Modern, Spa Feel, Cottage, Beachy, Relaxing and Durable. You know I'm all about durable in our rental units.

I want to invite everyone over to see how awesome the bathroom looks now.


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