July 28, 2010

Beach Condo Bedroom, Part 3

After the marble tile was down with the dried grout I felt like crying with relief. We were almost done and could wrap up the condo improvements for a long time. Since there are no plans to do anything major down there until the Fall of 2011, which is our tentative time slated for the kitchen renovation. Until that point the only thing we want to do is spruce up the hallway, spiral stairs and installing a ceiling fan. All lovely small projects that leave plenty of time for enjoying the beach, instead of watching the good weather through a window.

One of my original reservations about the marble tiles was the "cool" feeling and colors they have. I thought it would clash with the warmer colors we already had on the walls. Now with the tiles down and furniture installed I'm pretty happy with how everything works together. The cool look of the tiles becomes an almost neutral on the floor, and I've been casually shopping around for a great jute rug to put down.
Most of our old bedroom set was re homed into the beach bedroom and as much as I did despise it at home I love it down there now! I feel like it fits with the casual nature of the room and helps to fill in the mass of empty wall space that was there. Before the bed and dresser was in the room, it had a tendency to look a little sparse...

Yay! A finished project!


  1. Wow. You guys are really fantastic at what you do. Is this your home? Or just a house you're working on?

  2. Kat, thank you :) this is our wee one bedroom condo down the shore. we're a little bit hoarder-esque when it comes to houses.