July 29, 2010


Full moment of Eva disclosure here.

I am not in any way shape or form some sort of over zealous type A organized young woman who only makes carefully thought out and well informed decisions. What I am is a fly by the seat of your pants type B Gemini who likes a whole lot of things and has a little bit of a tendency to get in over her head.

Which is why, when I saw this print on Etsy I fell in love.

Failing is OK.

Failing is part of life and how we grow as human beings. Failures give us funny stories to regal our friends with later and sobering moments that can haunt us forever. It happens to us. From the well groomed professional to the high school student because no one is immune from failing. Failure is not the same as giving up and failing meant you tried. And we all know that trying is the most important thing of all because without trying then you will have never known.

Try. and don't be afraid of failure. It won't bite you.

I promise.

Pete the husband explanation.

Pete is a wee bit of a Type A who has the need to always explain himself. He would like to point out that the semantics behind the sign are a little wrong, and that no one goes "Hmm be succesful or Fail? I'll choose the fail option". What the sign should say according to Pete is "Failure is a byproduct of trying" and that sometimes failing isn't a choice but just what happens despite our best efforts.

Then he walked away humming the Doogie Howser theme.

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  1. Very nice. And a fantastic little reminder that everything doesn't always have to go according to plan.