July 8, 2010

The Third Door Upstairs Before...

Welcome back to our humble beach abode. Why don't you go on up the stairs? And I'll show you a visual DIY don't on the way up. This would be the stairwell in all its blue carpet and high wall glory. That would be a beach towel that was stretched and hung on a frame. Next to the beach towell please notice the jaunty piece of giant fake seaweed accented by two stuffed fish backpacks.

Believe it or not, it took me two years to convince Pete to let me throw them out... I kept knocking them off the wall in hope of spontaneous breakage.

And then, you enter the bedroom. Where the color baby blue came to die.

General themes (yes, plural) of the condo- Lots o' Blue, Lighthouse and Cows.

During and first edition Afters are coming up next...


  1. I see how cows fit into beach decor, but all of that blue...ha!

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