August 12, 2009

The Cats in the bag...

I've mentioned in previous posts that my cat Mindy really really really hates being taken out of the house for showings. Traditionally hard sided cat carriers don't work with Mindy, it's a struggle of epic proportions to shove her into one, during which I'm always afraid of accidentally breaking her legs. Which is why I just carry her out to the car and into wherever it might be that we're going. It's during this brief carrying time that she attempts her brave escape from my arms. Always these attempts involve aiming her claws for my jugular or eyeballs. I've honestly become a little afraid to carry her outside because of her thrashing claws. Even though the pirate look is chic right now doesn't mean I want an eye patch permantly.

Enter necessity as the mother of invention...I had an old giant purse and we had a showing that afternoon. A light bulb went off and I grabbed Mindy. With about 80% less struggle than usual Mindy was quickly inside the purse safely zipped up! Just her head was sticking out and most importantly, the claws are far away from my jugular.

I'm pretty sure she hates me now and this is the reason why she's started peeing in the office again. But that's a topic for a whole nother post.


  1. The cat looks like it's going to kill you while you sleep. Be wary.

  2. Does Mindy still look like a mini lion? I hope so.