August 28, 2009

Fancy Chair Re-do

The Internet is full of excellent DIY home improvement designers. There is no shortage of people showing off how easy it was to fix and updated furniture up themselves with a little paint, some staples and updated hardware. However there are certain projects that do require a pro in order for the job to be done right. Every good DIY'er should know when to attempt it yourself or to start researching for a qualified professional. Such was the case with my Mom's chairs. She loved them as-is, but they needed a lot of love to reach maximum potential. After hunting down the perfect fabric she carted the chairs off to get professional reupholstered for some much needed TLC.

Meet chair #1- Blue chair came from a antique shop. Size is perfect, shape is classic and fabric is well worn fug.
Chair # 1 After...

Chair #2- or "Lion Head Chair" Rumored to be from an office in Princeton University.

And the Lion Head chair After...

The chairs sat as befores for years while my mom hunted down the perfect fabric. She eventually came across deals of the century for both chairs. The red print fabric was a gift to her by the manufacturer who was so pleased with the work she did for them. Free is the best price tag ever! As for the gold fabric, she found that on sale for... $12 a yard in the NYC garment district. It was the end of the bolt and they just wanted to be rid of it, so she was able to drive down the price to almost nothing.

Until the chairs were picked up they cause quite a stir at the upholsters showroom. There were several requests to find out what shop they were intended for so people could purchase them. My mom is beyond thrilled with the results, as she should be because now both chairs look amazing in her home. She's constantly rearranging the living room and reading nook now to find the "perfect" place for both of these. Where ever they end up always looks good. They just fit her love of traditional and antique furnishings home styling perfectly.

(I've already claimed dibs over my sister on the Lion Head chair)


  1. Schwartz upholstery did the work. They are the BEST. And reasonably priced too.

    DJR AKA Eva's M.O.M.