August 25, 2009

Fubar takes on Plaster, and Wins!

Before the Wee house I'd never taken down a wall. Sure I've knocked into and dented more than my fair share of walls before, but I'd never intentionally pulled one completely down. Now that the living room areas were almost completely stripped of their paneling it became time to take the walls out.

At first I was staunchly against taking down our plaster walls, but Pete talked me round to accepting it and now I can say I'm behind the decision to rip them out. This isn't going to be a historically accurate remodel because our house doesn't call for one. Our renovation goal is to take an neglected house and make it a livable home while highlighting any historical charm available. Cracking plaster walls are most certainly not charming.

Enter the Stanley FuBar and a quick lesson on how to use it.
Aim- swing-land on wall. Crack plaster. Pry off lath. Repeat.

I have to say, the FuBar is FUN! And with a weight of 4+lbs I got quite the upper body workout in as I took out the diving walls between the two living rooms and exposed the original exterior wall. All while creating a glorious fantastic construction mess.

Picture of the original exterior wall of the house... hence the window... With the non structural dividing wall mostly down...

Pardon the blurry pictures, my hands were shot for the day. I'd developed a nice healthy set of thumb blisters from the way too large work gloves that I was wearing while swinging the fubar. Ouch.

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