August 6, 2009

Showing #13 & 14

Last night we had showing #13... and Pete thinks that it was a repeat showing based on him remembering seeing the car/agent before. If that's the case it could be good news for us, in that our price drop renewed interest in potential buyers. Bad news, they also were looking at our neighbors house last night too. Which is less than ours, but also is much, much smaller and without garage but its also missing the railroad track in the driveway option our house has( but the property does border the tracks!)

Tonight is showing #14! Thankfully I only have to do a quick sweep through the house since its (amazingly) still clean from last nights showing.

Remember showing #10 and how they scheduled a second walk through with their mother? Turns out...that they knew our previous owners and wanted to see how the house looked now. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I understand the curiosity. I really do cause I am one nosy person. But there are pictures of the house on the internet. What about calling my agent and saying something along the lines of "I knew the previous owners and would just love to see how the house looks now. When is the Open House so I can stop by? " (Open house is this Sunday BTW)

Because of presenting themselves as serious buyers we had to do the "showing prep clean" three times, one for the time they forgot and didn't show, one for the reschedule and one for the second showing. You have any idea how much that chaps my rear? I hate cleaning. I especially hate cleaning in a such a way that requires me to run around with a time crunch in my non air conditioned house and ends with me stuffing all the dirty laundry into my cars trunk.

I think the rain is making me cranky.

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