August 4, 2009

lowering the bar

We dropped the price of our house last night.

Ten friggen thousand dollars.It sucks to have invested six years, money and buckets of sweat equity into our house to just slash out thousands of dollars in one instant, but that was our only option. You don't have twelve showings and no offers if the price of the house is right. Or maybe you do since there is a rail road track running right through the driveway.

All we keep thinking about is how different this would have been if we'd put the house up for sale in the Fall of 2007, like we'd originally planned. The whole reason the house didn't get listed back then was to get more money for it once everything was "perfect". The goal of hitting a certain value mark was keeping us working on it.

Not to say we put off listing the house solely for the potential financial gains. The idea of living in the house after it was completely finished was originally our goal. In fact, when we bought this house we really were set on it being our "forever home". There would be no more major projects. No more unusable areas due to missing floors. All those hard years of work and we would finally have our fixed up house! You can imagine how appealing this idea was, especially during the wedding planning. I'm not sure I would have survived major renovations and planning a wedding. My poor little nerves can only take so much.

In the end, all the reasons why not don't really matter. Just the fact that we didn't do it matters. There is no going back in real estate, like with the rest of life hindsight is 20/20. All we can do it go forward with our now altered plans and not let the market or the economy deter us from the ultimate goals we have as a couple. I count us among the lucky ones in these troubled times, cause we got each other and that's a lot.(for love).

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  1. I feel your pain. We have to put off moving for a year or two and still most likely take a loss because of the stupid housing market. At this point I'm not even asking for a profit, I just dont want to owe anyone anything at settlement. Like you said, hindsight is 20/20 but it is hard not to beat yourself up about decisions. I just try to remember that we made the best decision for us at the time. Keep your chin up, August is going to be your month!