August 17, 2009

Even MORE Excitement!

Guess what?! Our kitchen was chosen to be featured on the DIY Show Off as well! That news is almost too much excitement for a Monday!

In response to one of the comments, it is not tacky to ask about the total costs! I don't mind sharing budget details at all. I'm one of those proud budget shoppers who tells everyone how much something costs when it recieves a compliment. Even if they didn't want to know, I still still tell.

Kitchen Budget Breakdown-

Glasstop Stove – Ebay (local pick up) - $150
Built in Microwave - $250
Sink – Lowes Clearance - $25
Faucet - $100
Garbage disposal - $100
Dishwasher - $300
Refrigerator – Sears Clearance - $375
Ikea Bamboo Flooring - $250
Ikea Butcher Countertops - $350
Tile Backsplash - $150
Hardware – hinges & handles - $300
Paint – primer, trim, special rollers, high quality cabinet paint, paint stripper - $100
Light fixture – removed chain from ikea dining light - $50

Total ~$2500 including all new appliances

Link to original post-

Feel free to ask any additional questions!

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