August 24, 2009

Down go the Cinder blocks!

The view of the shed after an afternoon of clearing the last bits of the roof/wood/plastic from the structure. I liked how it looked like this, reminded me of old ruins we saw all over Ireland. If old Gaelic structures had orange Home Depot ladders in them. And if they were located in New Jersey.

Once the shed was just a shell I let my imagination run a little wild and started envisioning 1,237 various ways to fix it up. But none of those imagined designs were a garage, which is what we need most of all. More than an outdoor dining room with terrace or giant doll house that is for sure, which were my two favorite imaginative designs.

I went inside the Wee house to play with Mr.Smashy and the Husband got busy with taking the walls down. An hour or two passes and I went outside to check on him, being safety conscious I was just making sure he wasn't involved in some sort of freak tumbling wall accident. Husband was fine and in the middle of pushing down a stubborn cinder block wall, I joined in on the fun and soon enough the wall was down!

Cinder block walls are surprisingly easy to push down when rebar isn't used. Note to everyone- use rebar and fill the holes with cement if you don't want some 5'6" Jersey Girl to have the ability to demolish any cinder block structures you build.

Ze' Rubble. I lost a Hydrangea bush in the process. Which made give Pete the evil eye, I'll try to dig up the root system this fall, it might still be salvageable.

After a day of the Husband swinging the sledgehammer and him ( I helped!) pushing walls over. Can't believe that everything is down! Now comes the hard part of disposing all the broken bits. We've contacted a cement recycling facility and they'll take the cinder block for FREE!! Just have to figure out if trailering loads over or renting a dumpster is best.

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