August 27, 2009

Epic Day at the Dump

Saturday morning we did a not so quick dump run, from loading the trailer to dropping exhausted into the car's seats after the unloading it took us 2 frigging hours total. All for good reason though, we hit a record weight in refuse... 1.45 tons. TONS.

Good news is that we were able to recycle a good bit of the load! We tried really hard to separate all the old shingles and OSB board from the solid wood parts for the special "wood only" dumpster. Our dump has a separate container for wood only so it can be recycled.

Even with hitting 1.45 tons last week, there is still another load of shed crapola to get rid of. Fingers crossed that its only one more trip until everything is gone.


  1. Hey! Congrats on all the amazing work that you are doing. Our house is plaster too and we are basically doing our renos ourselves. I wish we could have hauled our demo material to the dump ourselves. We have paid almost $1500 to haul away stuff and we havent even demo'd the basement yet! Sheesh!

  2. That's a TON of stuff!

    {{chortle chortle}}

  3. Kay El, Ouch to that number! We're very lucky to live about 15 min away from the county dump and to have a great landscape trailer for hauling stuff over there. Right now our dump is right around $70 per ton for construction trash... So we've added a line item of "Dump" to the household budget. Good luck with your basement demo!