March 26, 2010

Got Offer?

Last night Pete told me those words I've been dieing to hear for quite some time.

"We got an offer"

Then there was... silence. No screaming and crying. I didn't run to the fridge and pop the champagne in celebration. Just more like "could you grab the couch I'm moving so I can fish the leg that fell off out from underneath".

I was in the middle of prepping the living room for painting. Highly ironic indeed that finally after years of wanting to change to the living room color, I finally get off my duff to pick a color and am all set to paint the same night we get an offer that might result in the sell of our house. If I knew that committing to paint the living room was all it took, well I would have bought the paint months ago!

Side Note- on the way home from buying the paint I saw a Bald Eagle flying! My mouth dropped open, such a majestic animal.

We did counter, and our Realtors will call with the counter this morning, but I'm not offended by their offer. Although I wouldn't really be offended by any offer. Buyers are allowed to offer what it is they want to pay and think the house is worth! I'm surprisingly calm and 'meh' about the negotiation stage and getting an offer as a whole. I guess I realize that I just need to let everything follow the process and we'll see if it ends up with the keys in their hands.


  1. As a hope-to-be-confirmed home buyer right now, I'm glad to hear your perspective. We waited 6 whole days to hear back from the seller! It's quite an experience for everyone. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks guys! We're still waiting to hear back... it stinks cause as time passes you just really want to know if the deal is a bust or a go!

    Jessica, I can't believe they took 6 days to get back to you! Oh my gosh, I would have been sweating. Especially if you know it is "the house". Hope everything else goes well for you during the buying process :)

  3. Just catching up on my google reader now....

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Fingers crossed this works out for you.