March 18, 2010

Just a quick walk...

Bad news for my wallet. My new job is a mere 10 minute walk to a Anthropologie, I do not know how I am going to resist the siren song of the store calling me over on nice days that beg for a lunch time walk in the city. Especially since I just signed up for the Anthro card today...

Do I have any Philly readers? Any suggestions on other fun stores in the city I should check out? I'd love to find some new places to visit during lunch. Thrift- Antiques- Fabric- Home Decor- Salvage-ect...



  1. I miss that 'hood! I spent much time at Echo Chic, Joan Shepp and Knit Wit. Good luck with the wallet!

  2. No good recommendations really... I just like to wander around. Totally unrelated, I love Steap, which is a loose tea store on 18th between Walnut and Chestnut. I also spend a lot of time in DiBruno's looking at all the wonderful food. Enjoy the city :)