March 3, 2010

lowering the bar- again.

We met with our realtors last night. Unfortunately the real estate market is still headed down down down in our area. Which means that the comps have lowered drastically (again). So in order to stay competitive- and believe you me we are- we lowered the price of our house again.

Here is where I could say that it was painful or piss and moan about how unfair it is that our house hasn't sold yet. Or how our house is one of the only ones in the price range that doesn't need TLC and is move in ready. Then I could mention that we are the biggest house of all the comps and have the biggest yard, along with the nicest two car garage.

But you know what.

I'm not going to gripe (that much) about all this because such is life right now. We're in a million times better housing situation than so many other people across this nation facing foreclosures, bankruptcy and loans that are way over valued. Our house, while it is a pain to have on the market, isn't really holding us back from anything else or our other plans right now. We're still going forward with renovating the Wee house and can't wait until we can move in there to call it home.

Can you tell I'm still riding an optimism buzz?


  1. ugh. shoot me an email with the listing. maybe steve has a client. wearecrafty at gmail

  2. seems like you are keeping a great outlook about it! hopefully it will sell soon.