March 10, 2010

update- showing, bathroom and new job news!

Sorry about going MIA lately.

Right now I'm sitting pretty in my spanking brand new (to me) cubicle at my new job! The last weeks at my old job meant a lot of loose ends to tie up, which resulted in longer hours and when you added on the hour + commute home late at night... well I just wasn't up for much of anything besides chilling like villain on my couch after work.

This new job will require an adjustment period but I hope it goes smoothly, once I get up to speed here I should be able to take advantage of my new reduced commuting time and blog more during the evenings. New commute is a cool hour of driving less than the old one which averaged about 2.5-3 hours a day in the car. Now I'm looking at 1.5-2! Its like I found more hours in the day.

In house news- we had a showing this morning. Keep your toes crossed.

The bathroom at the beach condo is going along swimmingly well. I can hardly stand how nicely everything is coming together! All the final details and tasks are being worked on and we should be able to finish everything up in one more weekend. I'll barf excitement if that happens! Not many pictures from our last weekend efforts on the bathroom though. I kept forgetting to take pictures. Something to do with straight up forgetfulness, hunger and being woken up from a nap.


  1. glad that the new job is going well! i couldn't even imagine driving that much.

    ps - i really enjoyed the phrase "i'll barf excitement" perfect that you'd have a finished bathroom at that point :-)