March 22, 2010

Off season at the beach

When we bought the beach condo we really thought that we'd be there almost every weekend in the summer, so why would we rent it out all season long? Ah the naive minds of two twenty somethings. That first summer of owning the condo, we made it down to the beach a whopping three times. Between working and being elbow deep in our Wtown house renovations we quickly learned that as much as we loved the beach, we just didn't (don't) have time to be beach bums every weekend in the summer.

With that realization under our belts we made the decision to rent the unit out all summer season long. Which leaves our time to enjoy the condo and the beach in the off season. As much as most people might say "oh man that sucks" it really doesn't! We can not believe how much we LOVE being down in the off season. We knew we'd love having a place at the beach, but really couldn't have predicted how great it would be to go there Sep- May!

Usually there are still a couple of good beach weather weekends in early fall, so if we're craving a little sun worship that gets to happen on a relatively empty beach, especially compared with the summer crowds. Nothing like laying out enjoying the sun and a good book while wearing spf100+ and not having anyone around you! Plus, after a certain date we can take Nala to the beach and boards and she just loves playing ball on the beach!

There is also a great beauty in the off season and the emptiness of the usually bustling town. It leaves us free to explore around town during the day and have quiet nights cuddled up watching a movie. We grow so accustomed to having no wait at our favorite restaurants and the low traffic that it does come as a little bit of a shock when the weather warms up and people start showing up on weekends again. I can't even imagine how the beach locals must feel when that happens!

We can enjoy a sunset at the park overlooking the bay - all by ourselves!

The final great thing about the off season- our condo buildings remains rather unoccupied. Which means we get our prime parking spot, away from other cars because my husband is a freak about door dings, and don't have to worry about hogging the staircase as we run construction equipment up to the condo.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer. And there is nothing like waking up on a steamy July morning a block from the ocean. But I've also fallen a little bit in love with the off season down the shore.

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  1. someone who grew up as a beach local, its nice to see when "shoobies" :) respect that the 'off-season' is actually nice (and preferred) as opposed to "wow, that must suck in the winter"...

    ...gosh this post made me miss living there...