March 5, 2010

What is left to-do in the bathroom...

Sometimes I blurt things out that don't make much sense. Thankfully Pete has been with me long enough ( over 8 years!) that he can usually figure what train of thought I was on and follow it to understand what my point originally was.

For example: Pete was driving around aimlessly in a parking lot while looking for a empty space. In the process of doing so he goes way way past the store we wanted to go in. I blurt out "Where are you?" Make sense?! Not really right? Because I was sitting in the passenger seat and he was clearly sitting right next to me in the drivers seat. What I meant to say was " The store is back there so where are you going?"

Along those nonsensical lines are the times I tell Pete that I'm just "Thinking out loud" when we're in the middle of a discussion. Which is when he likes to inform me that is called "Talking" or "a conversation" if someone else is present. Someone he thinks he is hil.arious but really everyone knows who the real funny one in this relationship is.

And that long intro was just to explain the following

Thinking out loud thoughts...

What is left to do with our beach condo bathroom renovation:

- Tile/grout the accent wall.

There is a little nook wall space and we decided that it would add a really nice look to tile it. Lowe's sells a smaller 2"x2" version of the tiles we put on the floor and we've opted to use those for the wall since its such a small space we wanted to keep a bit of consistency and flow in the room.

- Hang the mirror

Pete made the mirror frame it looks really good! I can't wait to get it up as I think its going to add such a nice detail to the room.

- Acid wash the floor

That is going to make sure the floor is clean and ready for the next step.

- Seal the grout

Mucho important! We didn't do that in our bathroom at home and within a year our white grout turned gray. It took a carpet steam cleaner and lots of scrubbing to get the grout back to white. The grout in this bathroom is a nice light almond color, which will hide sand and dirt really well, but we want to be sure that clean up is a breeze!

- Install cabinet shelves

I'm iffy on the shelving we have. Pete made it and while it does look really nice I'm just not sold 100% on it yet for the space.

- Hang art

I'm also not 100% on this as well. But the bathroom does need a little something extra in spots, so we'll see how I feel when the whole room comes together.

- Put up new shower curtain

Ok, this I love! We picked up a fantastic white fabric curtain and these adorable little holders to replace the previous lighthouses. I can't wait to get these up! They are really going to help make the room.

- Finishing painting the door

- Touch up paint on the wall

The epic struggle to get the sink vanity into place left its mark on parts of the wall. I also have to touch up the trim where I filled in all the nail holes and mitered parts.

-Figure out Bathing Suit station above shower.

Since the condo is a block and a half from the beach there are likely going to be renters who will run upstairs while still in there wet suits and jump right into the shower to rinse off the sand and salt. We'd like to give them a place to hang the suits so they don't hang them on the towel hooks that touch the drywall and would then drip salt water/chlorine down the wall. A little over protective of our walls , yes I know, but I don't feel like having to deal with a potential mold/warping issue because of it.

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