March 2, 2010

Why hello March

Months that weren't that productive for us on the house front- February.

Between it being a shorter month and the record amounts of snowfall that physically blocked us from even getting inside the Wee house...we just didn't get over there to do the work like we wanted to. Also, I don't know if you've ever been inside a half torn out house in the dead of winter but it is friggen COLD.

Despite setting up the funny propane heater (that looks slightly like R2D2) you just really don't get that lovely all over warm feeling ever when renovating in the middle of winter. Only when standing directly next to the heater while scorching your face do you feel a little balmy. Sure you might be sweating your butt off while your working hard at pulling up shag carpeting, but your fingers and toes will get frozen solid despite your layers of socks and thin wool gloves that are under the work gear. Don't even get me started on the snot that happens...

This spring and once the weather warms up a little bit we will resume working our tails off on the Wee house. Right now our focus is mainly on getting the Wtown house sold and finishing up the bathroom renovation of the beach house. Lot of things on both those fronts that need to get done- there is never a shortage of stuff that we need to do, just the time to do it in!

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