March 15, 2010

Too much rain. Need sunshine.

New Jersey was a rainy mo fo this weekend.

I briefly entertained the notion of dressing up like a pirate and setting sail for the Spice Isles via my the lake down the street, but decided it wouldn't be prudent to step outside when tree branches were snapping off like it was their job because of the wind. Or to go into the basement, because basements skeeve me the flip out in general. Especially ours. Yuck. Plus who really wants to see pictures of a my basement? I'd have to cover up all the dead bodies.

So- as a break from all the nasty weather I've been staring at pictures of our honeymoon, which took place in May 2008. What I wouldn't give to jump on a plane right.this.minute and fly out there again...


Back to reality Monday.

Miss writing to everyone lots.

ps- It rained two full days of our honeymoon. We still had a blast.

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