June 2, 2010

New Dining Room Table! (Or Crate and Barrel Outlet Score)

Something that we didn’t need, but wanted to replace was our dining room table. We bought the table about 6 years ago ( from the same place as our craptastic bedroom set) and it has remained in great shape because we pretty much never use it. Sure it holds a lot of mail and the occasional bouquet of flowers, but very rarely do we sit down and eat there. Even more rarely was using it to host people over for dinners. Although recently my table did hold a massive craft party that was a raging crafty success, fueled by lots of champagne.

We like, not love, our table. It was cute and fit with the sorta country vibe of the house. Most of all it was cheap but seemed to be built of decent quality. Even though for the first two years we had the legs put on wrong and therefore thought it was crappy. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t read the directions and don’t use your common sense. The day the light bulb went off and we realized the legs were on wrong there was much hysterical laughter in our house. As an FYI, they legs are on right in the picture above :)

This weekend we took a little trip up to the Crate & Barrel outlet to browse around. Our hope was to find a dresser for the bedroom, as there were a couple that were in production on the website that I really liked. Alas, you always find something that you aren’t looking for! We came across a table and both of us looked at the other said “I really like this”. We didn’t even need a table! We had one! And we have one coming to us from my Dad when he sells his house and moves out.

Yet, we really just loved this one table. The lines were chunky, strong and it was just a better fit for our style now. It was also a better quality of construction and materials than the table we have now. Plus, it was a sweet 50% off the retail price tag, making the table a very attractive amount of dollars for something we liked so much. The table, for those are would be interested, is the Pacifica 60" style at Crate and Barrel.

Whenever we like something at an outlet, we leave it alone and walk around the rest of the store. I don’t like to make snap decisions and need some time to make sure I’m not acting on the “OMG SALE, OMG OUTLET, OMG I HAVE TO BUY THIS NOW” feeling.
I tend to lose my mind when it comes to good buys, sometimes I need to reel myself in a little bit to make sure there are no buyers remorse feelings later on. We walked around the outlet. Look at other things and sat in the couches. I may have even lounged about in one relishing how comfortable it was.

And then I saw someone by the table looking at it.

That freaking yard sale instinct flared up in me and I think I said “ oh hell no” out loud.

That is when I knew. I really wanted the table.

Glancing over to Pete and I saw the same look. We did our non verbal communication thing and soon enough he snagged a salesperson to put the table on hold for us while we shopped around more. We got some really cool stuff, including new table linens, and made our way to the check out.

Taking off the back two legs and we were able to get the table loaded into our SUV and happily drove away with our new table feeling all excited about our new purchase. Once we got it home, we started to brainstorm about what type of chairs to get for the table. Nothing at the C&B outlet really worked well along with the table and neither did our old chairs. Besides we want to sell the old dining room table as a set on Craigslist.
I'll touch more on the chairs in another post. But here are some picture of the new table set up in its new home last night. We quickly put this together in order to take some photos. I've also realized that rug would be a great addition to the dining room, I think it would help to anchor the table.


  1. It looks great! I love the lines of the legs and the wood grain of the top of the table.

  2. I love the table...with the runner!

  3. Um, which table from dad's? I think he has been promising people tables all over town. (Mostly, your town and my town).


  4. I'll be honest - I have no idea how I found you (sorry!) But I love the new table!!!

  5. Love it!!!!
    ...and you