July 2, 2009

3-day weekend!

I love the 4th of July! It ranks #2 on my list of "Holidays that I Love", right behind Halloween. Now that I'm a drone to my boring cubicle I love it even more because it means a blessed 3 day weekend.

Here is my fancy shmancy house related to-do list for Friday:
- Weed Garden
- Mulch Garden
- Stare at Tomato Plants
- Farmers Market!
-Finish Laundry with my amazing new Iron
- Clean out the lower Kitchen Cabinets (this one depends on my level of ambition)
- List stupid hot tub on Craigslist.
- Pull out Posion Ivy creepers

As you can clearly see nothing very exciting...

We're going to be doing massive Demo on the Eboro house soon. The permit came in the mail yesterday! So that means much more interesting posts with captivating pictures of me in my (pink) hard hat.

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